How To Create An Awesome Online Course

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93 Lessons (8h)

  • Module 01 - Intro
    03-Record Your First Lecture7:04
    05-who is miguel hernandez 011:30
  • Module 02 - Validate Your Course Idea
    01-Intro to Course Validation1:11
    02-Find Market Proof5:55
    03-Google Keyword Planner5:40
    04-Gather Feedback8:35
    05-Pre-Sell Your Course9:25
  • Module 03 - Course Creation Equipment
    01-Required Hardware And Software2:44
    02-Required Hardware And Software 25:55
    03-Recording Sound5:25
    04-Mental Requirements5:06
  • Module 04 - Create Your Course Outline
    02-Using Spreasheets to Create Your Outline3:21
  • Module 05 - Lecture Recording Tips
    02-Recording Lecture Checklist8:58
    03-Keep it Fun8:12
  • Module 06 - Create Your Lectures with Keynote
    01-Keynote Overview2:56
    02-Edit Your Template2:47
    03-Create Slides1:52
    04-Adding Slide Transitions1:50
    05-Working with Shapes6:34
    07-Embed videos1:51
    06-Animating Objects5:37
    08-Stock Images in Keynote4:14
  • Module 07 - Record Your Lectures with ScreenFlow
    25-Recording Intro 014:57
    26-ScreenFLow Intro 011:14
    27-ScreenFLow basics list_010:27
    28-ScreenFLow audio settings_013:11
    29-ScreenFLow video settings_012:53
    30-ScreenFLow resize browser_012:18
    31-ScreenFLow Rehearsing 012:36
    32-ScreenFLow editing 016:56
    33-ScreenFLow Animating 014:47
    34-ScreenFLow Audio working_014:14
    35-ScreenFLow Show keys_013:08
    36-ScreenFLow callouts 013:39
    37-ScreenFLow annotations 012:06
    38-ScreenFLow exporting 013:50
    39-ScreenFLow assets and watermark 012:18
  • Module 08 - Create Your Lectures using PowerPoint
    01-Intro To PowerPoint and Camtasia3:04
  • Module 09 - Record Your Lectures with Camtasia
  • Module 10 - Host Your Course Online
    02-Which Self-hosting option to choose2:30
    01-Self-hosting vs Marketplaces11:45
    03-Costs Of Self-Hosting5:53
  • Module 11 - Promoting Your Course
    40-Promoting Intro 011:39
    42-Video Platforms intro_011:45
    43-Promoting YouTube 015:15
    45-Promoting Vimeo 0110:58
    44-Promoting YouTube Analytics_015:52
    46-Promoting Wistia 018:24
    47-Promoting Vidler VidYard_015:13
    48-Promoting Social Media_0113:29
    49-Promoting Google FB_Ads0113:50
    50-Promoting Affiliate Marketing_0114:46
    51-Promoting Your Blog_018:24
    52-Promoting Other Blogs_015:07
    53-Promoting Interviews 017:55
    54-Promoting Webminars 016:15
    55-Promoting Newsletters 014:51
  • Module 12 - Sell Your Course
    56-Selling Intro 011:15
    57-Selling Where to Sell 0112:12
    58-Selling Pricing 015:57
    59-Selling buy impulses_0113:08
    60-Selling thru your website 013:29
    61-Selling Creating Sales page 015:58
    62-Selling Grumo Sales page 019:29
    63-Selling Udemy Sales page 015:58
    64-Selling AppSumo Sales page 019:14
    65-Selling NO to Chorizo Sales page 019:59
    66-Selling Create Sales Page Video_013:31
    67-Selling Create Sales Video Samples_019:09
    68-Selling Create PayPal Button 016:16
    69-Selling Host Course with Wordpress_013:49
    70-Selling Protected Pages_014:40
    71-Selling Embed Video Vimeo 011:25
    72-Selling Embed Video Wistia 011:05
    73-Selling Create New user 012:48
    74 Wrap up review 013:32
    75 Ending 015:17

All You Need to Create, Validate, Promote, & Sell Online Courses


Miguel Hernandez is a veteran top Udemy instructor with over 20,000 students and the Founder of Grumo Media, a video marketing and online education studio located in Vancouver, Canada.

He has a true passion for online education and has spent the last 5 years creating multiple best selling courses, teaching thousands of students across the world in both English and Spanish.

Miguel has courses on animation, video marketing, online course creation, productivity, website development, lifestyle business creation, and even online dating. He also has 10 years of experience in multimedia production and has produced hundreds of promotional videos for some of the top Silicon Valley startups including clients like Microsoft, Walmart, Fidelity Investments, Reckitt Benckiser, Hipmunk, and even Ashton Kutcher. is the home of his personal blog where he shares his experiences running and growing multiple businesses, and his best strategies to increase productivity and live a more fulfilling life.


Got a special skill or ability? Someone is probably waiting to learn from you right now, and they may even be willing to pay. In this highly self-aware course, you'll learn how to capitalize on your skills to create your own great, effective online courses. From concept to promotion, soon enough you'll have the skills you need to make money as an online instructor.

  • Access 93 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand how to break down your course & how to make it interesting
  • Validate your course idea through a 3-stage process
  • Structure your course into an effective outline
  • Learn how to use ScreenFlow for Mac to record your screen & edit it all together
  • Discover efficient ways to promote your course & find students
  • Create a great sales page for your course & set up PayPal to make money


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


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