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Python Network Programming: Build 7 Python Apps
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Course Curriculum

157 Lessons (13.5h)

  • S1: Getting started with this course
    Introduction to Python1:53
    Quick Insight To Get You Warmed Up!1:55
    Some administrative details about this course2:33
    How To Receive Maximum Results From This Course
    The "Python 2 vs. 3" Debate: FAQ
  • S2: Course Resources and Troubleshooting Guides
    Setting up the working environment2:19
    Download the resources and necessary applications
    Downloading GNS3 and VirtualBox2:52
    How to import and setup the Debian 7 VM in VirtualBox10:35
    Setting up the GNS3 network topology15:41
    How to connect the Debian 7 VM to GNS3 v1.4.x6:07
    FAQ - Please Read This In Case You Run Into Any Issues!
    VirtualBox and Virtual Machines - Short Guide
    Using VirtualBox and GNS3 on MAC OS X
    Asking For Help2:25
    Massive Course Refresh Summary - May 2016
    Quiz 1: Using the resources in this course - FAQ
  • S3: Python basic operations
    Python interpreter7:19
    Python scripts4:04
    Python argument passing6:15
    User input3:52
    dir and help2:41
    Quiz 2: Python basics
  • S4: Python Data Types
    Python Variables7:20
    Python keywords
    Python Data Types3:47
    Python Strings7:28
    Python String methods8:28
    Python String operators and formatting5:02
    Python String slices9:25
    Quiz 3: Strings
    Numbers and math operators8:06
    Booleans and logical operators6:47
    Quiz 4: Numbers and Booleans
    Python Lists introduction4:05
    Python List methods9:16
    Python List slices6:15
    Quiz 5: Lists
    Python Sets introduction4:47
    Python Set methods3:34
    Quiz 6: Sets
    Python Tuples introduction5:56
    Python Tuple methods4:26
    Quiz 7: Tuples
    Python Dictionaries introduction3:50
    Python Dictionary methods6:03
    Conversions between data types8:06
    Quiz 8: Dictionaries
  • S5: Python Control Flow
    If / Elif / Else conditionals13:54
    For / For-Else loops11:03
    While / While-Else loops5:29
    If / For / While nesting7:29
    Break, Continue, Pass7:14
    Python Exceptions2:53
    Try / Except / Else / Finally11:01
    Quiz 9: Control Flow
  • S6: Python Functions
    Python Functions10:30
    Python Arguments8:01
    Python Namespaces12:34
    Modules and importing16:05
    Quiz 10: Functions
  • S7: Python File Operations
    File opening and reading8:45
    File writing and appending10:13
    File closing / The "with" method3:09
    File access modes table
    Quiz 11: Files
  • S8: Python Regular Expressions
    The "re.match" and "" methods19:50
    The "re.findall" and "re.sub" methods6:40
    Python Regular Expressions sheet
    Quiz 12: Regular Expressions
  • S9: Python Classes (Object-Oriented Programming) Basics
    Python Classes and Objects13:08
    Python Classes and Inheritance6:52
    Quiz 13: Classes
  • S10: Bonus Python Tools & Resources
    List / Set / Dictionary comprehensions5:49
    Quiz 14: Comprehensions
    Python Lambda functions7:02
    Quiz 15: Lambda functions
    Python Map, Filter, Reduce6:26
    Quiz 16: Map, Filter, Reduce
    Python Threading basics6:56
    Some advice on coding6:23
  • S11: Python Networking
    Overview of this section0:52
    Python networking with Telnet16:42
    Python networking with SSH13:40
    Telnet and SSHv2 router configuration
    Python networking with SNMP17:34
    Python networking with Scapy. Creating your own packets.11:52
    Code snippet (.txt + .py): Telnet (General Guidelines)
    Code snippet (.txt + .py): SSH (General Guidelines)
    Code snippet (.txt + .py): SNMP (General Guidelines)
  • S12: Python and MySQL
    Setting up the MySQL database11:46
    MySQL Setup and Commands
    Python interacting with MySQL10:01
    Allowing remote connections to MySQL server
  • S13: Application #1 - Basic subnet calculator
    Short introduction3:22
    What are we going to build?1:53
    Planning the application1:15
    Application #1 - Logical Flow Diagram
    Application #1 - Part #19:03
    Application #1 - Part #28:07
    Application #1 - Part #37:30
    Application #1 - Part #46:15
    Testing the application3:12
    Entire application code (.txt + .py)
  • S14: Application #2 - SSH/Telnet network configuration
    What are we going to build?4:38
    Planning the application1:30
    Application #2 - Logical Flow Diagram
    Application #2 - Part #16:56
    Application #2 - Part #25:30
    Application #2 - Part #33:00
    Application #2 - Part #41:41
    Testing the application6:29
    Entire SSH application code (.txt + .py)
    Entire Telnet application code (.txt + .py)
  • S15: Application #3 - DHCP client simulator
    What are we going to build?5:24
    Planning the application1:10
    Application #3 - Logical Flow Diagram
    DHCP client simulator prerequisites
    Application #3 - Part #14:39
    Application #3 - Part #212:44
    Application #3 - Part #31:48
    Application #3 - Part #412:01
    Testing the application3:42
    Entire application code (.txt + .py)
  • S16: Application #4 - Network parameters extraction
    What are we going to build?4:40
    Planning the application1:12
    Application #4 - Logical Flow Diagram
    Application #4 - Part #14:05
    Application #4 - Part #26:15
    Application #4 - Part #38:01
    Application #4 - Part #49:59
    Application #4 - Part #56:48
    Testing the application4:47
    Entire application code (.txt + .py)
  • S17: Application #5 - OSPF network discovery via SNMP
    What are we going to build?5:28
    Planning the application1:14
    Application #5 - Logical Flow Diagram
    Application #5 - Part #11:47
    Application #5 - Part #24:04
    Application #5 - Part #312:15
    Application #5 - Part #46:02
    Application #5 - Part #52:30
    Application #5 - Part #62:54
    OSPF-SNMP application prerequisites
    Testing the application4:10
    Entire application code (.txt + .py)
  • S18: Application #6 - Basic network sniffer
    Application #6 - Guidelines
    Application #6 - Logical Flow Diagram
    Entire application code (.txt + .py)
  • S19: Application #7 - Configuration file comparator
    Application #7 - Guidelines
    Application #7 - Logical Flow Diagram
    Entire application code (.txt + .py)
  • S20: Python 2.x vs. Python 3.x. Converting your code easily.
    Python 2.x vs. Python 3.x differences. The 2to3 module.
    Setting up the working environment3:28
    Converting Python 2.x to Python 3.x code in Windows14:32
    Converting Python 2.x to Python 3.x code in Linux12:04
    Converting large scripts from Python 2.x to 3.x5:56
  • S21: 100 Exercises, Network Programming Project and Updates
    100 Python Exercises
    Answers for All the Exercises
    Project - Homework
    How To Install a New Python Module4:48
    Iterators and Generators9:06
    Sockets: Server10:00
    Socket Server Code (.txt + .py)
    Sockets: Client4:57
    Socket Client Code (.txt + .py)
    Web Access Basics with Python: requests10:40
    Please Read This Carefully!
  • S22: What's Next?
    Final Words0:42
    Part 2: Multivendor Environment: Configuration Change Management24:58
    Part 3: Scapy & Security Tools: DHCP Starvation - Windows Server11:17
    Bonus Lecture: More Python Networking Training

Python Network Programming: Build 7 Python Apps

Mihai Catalin Teodosiu

Mihai Catalin Teodosiu holds a degree in Telecommunications and Information Technology from University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania, as well as the CCNP, CCNA, CCDA, JNCIA, and ISTQB CTFL certifications. He has been working as a Network Quality Assurance Engineer since 2010, testing the OS for Nortel/Avaya L3 switches.

  • 5+ years experience in the Networking and Testing/Quality Assurance industries.
  • Certified professional: Cisco, Juniper & International Software Testing Qualifications Board certifications
  • Teaching courses on Udemy, GNS3 Academy & other e-learning platforms
  • Thousands of satisfied students, 4.97 / 5 average course rating
  • Thousands of followers on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Blogger


Over 10000 satisfied students have enrolled in this highly-rated Python courses across the Web. Why? Because this course will teach you essential Python concepts that are extremely relevant in any tech career, not to mention perfect for building amazing network tools. Follow along with the below hands-on projects, and you'll solidify the concepts and skills you need to confidently code with Python.

  • Learn & practice every Python key concept w/ 13.5 hours & 157 lectures
  • Follow each lesson w/ a short quiz that helps consolidate the main ideas
  • Dive right into real-life network scenarios & apply your knowledge to build 7 great network tools
  • Utilize the provided virtual machine w/ all Python modules installed & full source code included
  • Build a variety of apps:
    • Subnet calculator
    • Configuring multiple network devices concurrently via SSH or Telnet
    • DHCP client simulator for testing a DHCP server in the local network
    • and more!


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Internet required


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